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This post isn't your usual basset post but something of a different & serious nature.

Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue's Board Member Ann Tanner needs our help.

Her husband Reggie is in kidney failure due to Polycystic Disease. This is hereditary and several members of his family have suffered from the same disease. Unfortunately Ann is not a match either due to her blood type.
He had a donor that was a perfect match but due to health changes they can no longer donate. This was very, very disappointing for all to say the least.
So they are back to square one and in need of a donor. 

If you have ever considered being a donor and want to see if you are a match,  please come forward. His blood type is O+. 
Your blood type would have to be either O+ or O-.

No medical costs for testing or for the surgery would be incurred to do this, his health insurance would cover everything.

If you are seriously interested in doing this, these are steps you need to take.
Contact OSU Living Donor Program @1-800-293-8965 and tell them you are interested in being a donor for Reginald M. Tanner.  Very important to have these details.

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