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Hank the handsome four-year-old basset mix was adopted by Sallyann and her family. Hank traveled from the Buckeye State all the way to Keystone State. Sallyann reported that Hank was somewhat timid and anxious when meeting new people on the street. Sallyann said, "We live in the city. I'm pretty sure he was a country boy." Hank was startled by the new sounds of the city, such as passing buses, but has acclimated to the new sounds. Hank has been socializing with other dogs in the community, "We live in a very dog-centric neighborhood," said Sallyann. "We have several dog parks within a few minutes drive that we intend to introduce him to in the next couple of weeks, but we wanted to make sure he was settling in and would "come when called" (working on that!) before we ventured out there. I am pretty sure that he will be thrilled to get some big off-leash time in open areas and will do great with the other dogs." Hank has three favorite hobbies: following his family, playing with his toys and chasing squirrels. Hank follows his family members around the house and tries to stay close to them often leaning on them. Hank loves his toys as Sallyann described, "Hank inherited a basket of toys, but yesterday his "Grandma Mary" (a friend who works with rescues and shelter pups in Kentucky) sent an enormous box from with a new blue dog that he loves!" He has taken some of the girls (Sallyann's daughters) stuffed animals from their room because he thought they were his toys. Sallyann said, "We've had one or two minor incidents where he decided to take fluffy things from the girls' room (one stuffed rabbit and one fuzzy unicorn slipper) but he is non-destructive with them and just carries them around, so it hasn't created chaos." Lastly, Hank enjoys chasing squirrels when possible. Sallyann walks Hank on a leash so the leash limits his ability to "fully chase" the squirrels, but Hank tried to tree a squirrel during a recent walk. Sallyann commented on Hank's squirrel obsession by saying, "Walking with him sometimes reminds me of the dogs in the animated movie "Up" ---- completely normal conversation and then out of seemingly nowhere, SQUIRREL!" We can't wait for our many adventures with him, and we have been thrilled by what an easy car-rider he is! (which means he gets to go on beach vacations with us!). Thank you again! Sallyann and Family


Cali the sweet little basset hound - beagle mix, also known as a Bagle, was officially adopted by Laurel and her family. Cali has adjusted well to her new home. Laurel said that Cali enjoys going for walks everyday and playing with all her toys. Laurel explained Cali's fondness for toys by saying, "Cali loves playing with her toys. I'm not sure she had a home with toys and love." Laurel and her family have another Bagel named Wallace. Laurel reported, "Cali loves playing with her new friend Wally. When they go for walks, they have a good time sniffing all the scents. Boy, does she sniff!!! She always has her cute little nose to the ground." Laurel described the differences between the two scent hounds by saying, "Wally is more basset, whereas Cali is more beagle." The two instantly "hit it off." "We would like to thank everyone who helped bring Cali to us!!!" Laurel & Family


This sweet lady was adopted by Gloria. Who took her to the salon for a Gotcha-Day spa treatment. Gloria said, "She got a lovely bath, her ears were cleaned and she got a beginning mani-pedi. She looked so nice and shiny and she KNEW it !!" Gloria reported that Diva, AKA Madea, has settled in very well at her new home. Gloria said, "She has already adopted the big dog bed in my crate in the living room as her very own and she has figured out how to gracefully get up and down the kitchen steps to go outside. She has had a ball exploring the whole fenced yard and likes to just strike a pose and sniff the air for all the new smells (just like a diva!). She can probably tell what kind of dog each neighbor has."


Major, the adorable five year old basset hound started the new year in a new home. This sweet lil' guy won the hearts of Sarah and Todd who adopted him at the start of the new year. Major charmed his way into a "Hound Home" in that his owners are basset hounds fans. Major was greeted by his new family members Eli, Ruff and Delilah. Eli is a ten year old beagle. Ruff is an eight year old shepherd mix. Delilah is a 16 year old tabby cat. Sarah explained that Ruff was very excited to meet Major and wanted to play with him almost immediately. Sarah reported, "Major is adjusting well into our home. He is a big lover and wants to be friends with everyone. He immediately greeted my fiance, Todd, with a kiss and a cuddle when we arrived home. Major is definitely a snuggler. He wants to be in your lap or petted at all times. If you stop, he looks back at you and will then wiggle his head under your hand."


This adorable four year old male was adopted by the Buyko family. Tank is welcomed by the Buyko's other dog, named Hank. Friends forever - Tank & Hank. "Thank you Buckeye Basset Hound Rescue for giving us the opportunity to share our love with Tank." - Buyko Family

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